Mothers Of College Athletes - Family of Intercollegiate Athletes
On behalf of Mothers of College Athletes (MOCA). We want to personally extend  a warm welcome into our family of Intercollegiate Athletics Moms and Dads.
We take great pride in the high quality of our organization and we are excited about the parts you will play in making this program a success. Our Organizational staff is here to assist you in achieving desired goals of helping your son/daughter become a better student, athlete and person.
We sincerely hope that we can provide you with the opportunity and the means for a rewarding experience that will help enrich you and your student athlete's life. A primary purpose for being a member of ‘MOCA’ should be to receive quality information regarding how to assure that your son/daughter achieves the ultimate success during their career.
We hope you will become a diligent member and give your utmost to gain the knowledge needed to help your son or daughter reach their potential. As an athlete mom or dad, you have the serious responsibility of assuming a leadership role in your athletes' career. Becoming a member of ‘MOCA’ will insure maximum visibility for your son/daughter as an athlete.
Once a member, you are expected to uphold the MOCA’s guiding values of integrity, honesty and exhibit sportsmanship, self-discipline and personal responsibility. We look forward to working with you in the near future.
Again, welcome to Mothers of College Athletes (‘MOCA’)
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